Education has no age limit. You can achieve your goals at any age.


“I didn’t know what Academic Upgrading was until I started gathering information on ways to study further. It was always my goal to get a de-gree in Human Resources; but I never got the chance until I came to Canada and decided that I wanted to try.

In order to enroll in college, Academic Upgrading was my only choice to get started. I was a bit hesi-tant at first because it meant starting from square one. But then I realized that overthinking was not going to help and would just end up wasting more time.

I completed high school over 12 years ago and the long gap in my education didn’t seem to bother the staff at Sheridan’s Academic Upgrading department.

They fully embraced me and were more than happy to guide me through all the necessary steps that would help me reach my goals.

I took two semesters of Business Mathematics and one semester of Communications. The professors teaching these courses were amazing. They were always ready to help and their teaching skills helped every student achieve their best.

I was enrolled in Biology and Chemistry as my initial goal was to go in the Registered Nursing program. But I changed my mind halfway and decided that I should stick to my interest in Human Resources.

I am now in my 3rd Semester at Sheridan College, pursuing my Diploma in Human Resources. Hopefully this will then lead to a Bachelor’s de-gree. All my studying and knowledge would not have been possible without the Academic Up-grading program. This foundation made me a bet-ter student and I have excelled in Math & Com-munications at all levels.

Even though I am much older than the rest of the students, education has no age limit. You can achieve your goals at any age.” —Charlene