Academic Upgrading: A wonderful way to transition into postsecondary


“Although I had worked as a professional for 30 years, I decided to return to school to pursue a
new beginning in my career. I was determined to prove that nothing — not my age, my educational background, not even my current career—should stand in the way of following my dream!

I was incredibly nervous to enroll at Sheridan College as a mature student. But the Academic
Upgrading program was a wonderful way to transition into postsecondary. It allowed me to refresh the high school knowledge I needed in order to apply to college and surrounded me with a network of like-minded peers. After years of being out of school, the adult environment certainly diffused my fears about studying alongside a younger generation.

During my time in Academic Upgrading, I was fortunate to learn from supportive, understanding
and patient instructors who encouraged us to work hard while giving us a sense that there was
a place for us in the program and in our future careers.

I completed Academic Upgrading with a 96% average, an Academic Achievement award, and
was genuinely honored to speak at the Recognition of Achievement ceremony. The time I spent
in this program was a blessing to me, as it allowed me to develop the skills I needed to apply to the Early Childhood Education diploma program and realize my passion.

I completed the Early Childhood Educator (ECE) program in two years, earned my ECE diploma
with Honors, and was hired with PLASP Childcare Services as a Program Supervisor. I was recently working as a DECE and I’m currently working as an EA within the Peel District School

I would not be here without the Academic Upgrading courses, my drive to succeed, and the
courage it took to make a change.

I left Sheridan College with a new career, an improved breadth of abilities, new friends, and
wonderful memories that will stay with me as I embark on this new journey.
I am extremely glad that, despite all my doubts, I made the decision to believe in myself and
return to school!”—Maxine